Vsterno Flooring

Deck tiles are easy to install in locations that already have a substructure in place, such as an existing deck or a flat concrete patio.

They are sanded and oiled for a beautiful look. It is great for high or low traffic areas.

Most often, this decking tiles consist of wood fixed to a plastic base that interlocks with other pieces.

This means no nails are needed for installation unless you want to attach a trim that doesn’t interlock. Tiles come in modular squares or rectangles. Knowing their size is important when planning how many tiles you need to complete your project.

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Marine Flooring

Outdoor wood flooring also includes the Marine Decking flooring. It is an environmentally friendly & water-resistant flooring that is durable and relatively easy to maintain.

Marine wood floors are glued to any flat surfaces with a special type of elastic adhesive before being sealed with UV resistant elastic fillers. Always remember that any slight change in the installation specifications and/or materials will affect the life time of your precious floors.

Marine wood floors can be sanded and refinished (Usually 2 to 3 times, depending upon thickness). Hiring a flooring professional to sand and refinish the floor is a must.

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Decking Flooring

Outdoor decking represents the wood flooring used to cover outdoor surfaces they can be used for cladding too. Their characteristics make them suitable for decking.

Laying a wooden deck is not as difficult as many believe. It’s simply a series of individual boards installed perpendicular to the hidden fasteners of aluminium.

The wood is fastened to the sub structure using plastic clips.

Outdoor decking floors can be sanded and refinished (Usually 4 to 5 times, depending upon thickness). Hiring a flooring professional to sand and refinish the floor is a must.

Application area: Pool side, terraces, outdoor wall cladding, cladding of main gates, balconies, bathrooms, walkaways and ship deck.

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WPC Flooring

WPC flooring stands for wood-polymer composite or wood-plastic composite.

Composite decking is an environmentally friendly lumber alternative that combines plastic and wood fiber.

Plastic wood composite deck floor performance

  • Plastic wood composite decking has the same processing performance as wood, can be nailed, drilled, cut, glued, fixed with nails or bolts..
  • Plastic wood flooring can meet a variety of specifications, dimensions, shapes, thickness and other requirements, including the provision of a variety of design, color and wood grain finished products, to give you more choices.
  • Plastic wood flooring has good properties, such as fire resistance, waterproof, corrosion, moisture resistance, insect moths, no long fungi, acid and alkali resistance, no poison, no pollution and low maintenance cost.

Applications of plastic wood composite: Deck, Pergola, Fence and Cladding.

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